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So you’re the CMO of your own startup. What now?

Your cofounder and you have been dreaming of starting out on your brand new startup idea. As you divided up the responsibilities, you got to own marketing! Yay. There’s just one problem.

You have never done marketing before.

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Facebook killing your store traffic? Do these three things right now.

Advertisers have seen a noticeable drop in impressions and increase in CPC with Facebook recently.  It’s not surprising given the platform is pushing organic content from friends and family, and is facing tremendous amount of flack for providing a questionable level of user information to advertisers.

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Top 10 Things to Keep in Mind before you launch your E-Commerce Store

There are approximately 110,000 ecommerce websites generating revenue of meaningful scale on the internet.

It’s a no brainer that everything is going digital. This has made the e-commerce industry into a 400 billion-dollar industry in the U.S. alone. More people now see e-commerce as the right spot for them to get better and cheaper deals. An e-commerce website also gives organizations the opportunity of cutting down on unnecessary infrastructure expenditure and capture a broader audience. Just like any industry you want to get into, it is always advised to speak to people who have been in a similar situation, so you can gain insight into this field before you make your way into it. There’s nothing wrong in recieving a bit of help from professionals like Andy Khawaja in the world of e-commerce or any for that matter. You want to make sure you get the best advice, so you can use this knowledge into developing your business and making it a success.

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Agencies are dying out, what should you do?

Digital marketing agencies are a dying breed. If you are one, or you are using one, keep in mind the three things you need to do to ensure you don’t end up dead.

As I see it, digital marketing agencies are not set up for success. Every time I have used a marketing agency myself, it has been a stop-gap arrangement until I could set up my own team.

Marketing agencies are destined to die, and if you rely on one, you’ll die with it.

– Mike Templeton, Foxtail Marketing

There are multiple issues with the way marketing agencies operate today. Not that all marketing agencies are out to screw their clients, they have simply gone and done what ad agencies (and Mad Men) have taught them.

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