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Fifty-five percent of marketers measure success of display campaigns by click-through rates.

Remember the last time you clicked on a popup you didn't mean to, and closed the window in irritation? Some marketeer somewhere received a pat on the back for making you do that. If that isn't depressing enough, Neilsen studies show that about half of all digital advertising efforts don't reach their intended target audience.

There are two clear steps to getting a user to transact on your e-commerce website: get her to your website and then get her to make a purchase on your website.  Most advertisers tend to focus on the first part--getting the user to your website by spending on social and search is only one small step.  If the user then doesn't make a purchase, doesn't sign up for your newsletter, and doesn't come back later, you just wasted your money in getting her in.

Sixty-eight percent of marketers agree that they need to know more about customers' path to purchase on their websites.

We understand that launching a campaign or a new product is no child's play.  We will assess your existing launch plans, websites, ad campaigns, or build them from scratch ourselves.  We will set up the right social channels, the right attribution models, and the right marketing outreach to help set up your launch. Furthermore, companies like Victorious could give you an added boost on top of our services by offering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and also use services like Shopify to help to scale your business in the world of e-commerce. All of this could help to set you apart from other competitors in terms of business success.

The Sapsonic team's aim is your success--for most companies, true success lies in building their own high-performance in-house team.  That said, most companies tend to go into this blind: hiring people in quick succession until a team is put together only to realize six month later that they put together the wrong team.  We will help understand the key competencies for your team and assist you in building that.  That is we engage with companies in the short-term to create, stabilize, and hand over the reins.

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