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Love insights, not data.


With all the hype around big data and AI, it is easy to forget why we look at data in the first place.

I can’t go one day without reading about big data. Companies often proudly proclaim how they have access to millions of data points (well, not anymore since a certain Ivy League-brand brought disrepute to the whole story). In the zeal to think big, we often forget why we were looking at the data in the first place.
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Is machine learning overhyped?

Machine learning can surely have immense impact on generating insights from the immense amount of data we create today, but is it ready to replace human-insights just yet?

I was having an interesting conversation recently with a product manager with extensive experience in data and analytics, who was vehemently against the idea of throwing resources at machine learning algorithms.  True we were talking specifically about e-commerce applications, but it piqued my interest enough to come back and do a little bit of research myself.

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