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What is Lean Product Development?

Lean product development is an approach to developing products that focuses on reducing waste, speeding up delivery, and increasing profit. This approach to product development is used by dozens of successful companies, including John Deere, Nike, and Intel. Originally formulated by Toyota, lean product development is a great approach for new businesses seeking to capture the most customer value with the least amount of waste. Here’s what entrepreneurs need to know about lean product development.

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Three steps to understanding your audience through Facebook.

There are less creepy ways you can use Facebook to understand your audience and help serve them better.

As a user, you’re probably reading a lot today about Cambridge Analytica’s “breach” of Facebook audience data and possibly getting a little scared about sharing too much information.  As a marketer (and I put my guesstimate at 50% since you’re reading this), you are probably also thinking to yourself – didn’t Cambridge Analytica simply use Facebook Ads the way it was meant to? The tldr on that is no, they didn’t.  But there’s no reason why you can’t use Facebook data to understand your audience in a less-creepy manner.  And here’s how.

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What’s your Product Stack?

The tools you use could increase your team’s productivity, or drown them in red-tape.

If you ever watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine on TV (or Netflix), what does the scraggly group of cops hate the most: paperwork!  Building a successful Product Management team involves achieving a balance between too many (or too few) tools.  Product Managers are typically bright and ambitious people, use the tools to maximise their productivity – not kill their enthusiasm.

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